MIAS to dominate Bastards in April 2015

The upcoming Bastard Film Encounter has just posted their preliminary schedule, in which MIAS faculty, students, and alums are making a strong showing! Keynote speaker and MIAS 200 instructor Dino Everett (MIAS ’09) will be joined by alum Robert Vaszari (MIAS ’14), current student John Kostka (MIAS ’15), Program Manager Snowden Becker, and 70-odd colleagues in the rigorous examination of films that fall outside the scope of most archives–including pseudoscientific erotica, dashcam footage, and images of transgender performers.

With many symposia focusing on canonical, classical, or mainstream media, the Bastard Film Encounter aims instead “to bring misbegotten moving images out of the closet and begin to address what these films are, how they are kept and ignored (and if they really should be), if and why they might matter, and what role they might play in archives and in studies of the moving image.” Through the Bastard Film Encounter and other projects, MIAS students continue to advance the field of audiovisual archiving and preservation in exciting ways–come join us in North Carolina this spring and see for yourself!